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MultiScan 500 - skaner odbitek daktyloskopijnych

skaner Multiscan 500

ID produktu: 156

Just one single scanner to acquire 10-flat prints, rolled prints and palmprints at 500dpi. A 3.5” touchscreen facilitates the acquisition process as all basic features can be managed directly “on-the-device”. 

Unique Green Bit software technology performs acquisition of fingerprint images always clear and well contrasted, free of halo and dust effects. Fast acquisition and matchless real-time composition of rolled fingerprint images replace the traditional ink and paper acquisition. All fingerprint images are displayed on screen in real time. Dynamic quality checking and automatic fingers/thumbs positioning helps the operator to evaluate the acquisition results instantaneously.

Thanks to its USB 2.0 interface, MultiScan500 can be connected quickly and easily to any Personal Computer as a standard peripheral, without specific computer skills. MultiScan500 does not contain moving parts. The scanning surface is easy to clean thus reducing to a minimum maintenance efforts and costs.

Applications: criminal registration


  • FBI Certified
  • Superb real-time rolled
  • High Performances
  • FBI IAFIS-IQS Image quality

The Software Development Kit of this product could be demanded and consequently unloaded from the restricted area of this web site, after that Green Bit will give you the authorization and the password to enter in restricted area and to effect the operation.


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