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DactyScan 26 - skaner odbitek daktyloskopijnych

skaner DactyScan 26

ID produktu: 159

DactyScan26 is a very compact single fingerprint scanner with high standard level of quality that allows utilization of it in a wide range of applications. Small dimensions and low power consumption give to this device matchless mobility and portability. High image quality, FBI/PIV certified, guarantees image conformance according to AFIS standards. Unique features make it very easy-to-use and eliminate the demand for skill operator support. Reliability and environment threats protection release customer of attendance and maintenance necessity.

Two types of cases for DactyScan26 can satisfy integrators and solution providers of any level integration suggesting every time well-engineered design and construction. Desktop case together with easy to implement software enables creation of a final application in shortest terms. Elaborate design of the box for integration having small dimensions and convenient mounting features allows easily apply it in any customer's unit.

DactyScan26 can be applied in any application that requires acquisition of fingerprint images with defined by ANSI/NIST image quality, high speed of overall process and high level of mobility. These applications can be civil identification on-the-road or stationary, border control, transportation, child safety, ID documents and passports processing, military, financial and other governmental organizations identity control etc.


  • 1.0" x 1.0" Scanner
  • FBI/PIV and BSI certified
  • The most compact dimensions
  • Automatic Acquisition Star and Stop
  • Image Quality Checking
  • Elimination of dirt
  • Image automatic rotation
  • Direct sunlight steadiness

The Software Development Kit of this product could be demanded and consequently unloaded from the restricted area of this web site, after that Green Bit will give you the authorization and the password to enter in restricted area and to effect the operation.



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